FPNP Leadership
Update Routine Interim Leader
William R. MORIN
Official Candidate
Sudbury, Ontario
1-877-248-4133 (Toll Free)
Ph 705-561-8004 (cell phone)

Finance: Board Member
Jutta Horn, Missanabi Cree First Nation

Chief Agent
Robin Wemigwans
Wikwemikong First Nation

Update Routine
To Grow as a Nation We Need to Take the Moral Path
First Peoples National Party

The FPNP believes that the future of Canada depends on First Nations Peoples having their own place recognized and respected in the governing of this country. The Moral path is a difficult one to walk yet we need to do so together if we wish to grow as a nation.

The Vision of the FPNP is to:
- Promote the implementing of compulsory Indigenous Studies courses for Graduation in High School and University. Without education reforms we can not move forward as a nation.

- Abolish the Senate and replaced with an equal but second house, the First Nations House / Gimaa-gamig (First Nations elected representatives for First Nations Peoples of Canada) in the House of Commons equal to that of the present parliament.

First Peoples National Party (FPNP)

The First Peoples National Party (FPNP): FPNP is inspired by First Nations history, culture and values, which form the guiding principles of our party. Our primary value is that of sharing, bringing the culture of 'Inclusion' to parliament. The FPNP is an all people's party putting people first, all peoples from all cultures.

When we have candidates run in federal elections we invite the Government of Canada and Canadians to recognize the fundamental flaw in thier governing structures & systems and move the discussion toward honouring our shared histories.

First Peoples National Party of Canada, (FPNP).

One of Canada's newest political parties the First Peoples National Party of Canada, (FPNP) is an all people's party putting people first, all peoples from all cultures.

Don't let the party name confuse you. Our primary value is that of sharing and we are open to membership and candidates from all cultures.

The FPNP logo is a Medicine Wheel on a Turtles back which represents all cultures of world that now live here on Turtle Island / North America.  

FPNP Mandate and Primary Goal and Vision listed in Party History section of our website.

To contact Will you can reach him at
705-561-8004, toll free: 1-877-248-4133,
or leave a message or a call back number.

Party Headquarters:
242 St. George Street, Sudbury Ontario, 705-525-6829

Will Morin
Interim Leader
Phone: 1-705-561-8004, toll free:1-877-248-4133
Email: willpower@ontera.net
Website: http://fpnpoc.ca